PACS – MINDscape Integration



  1. Once viewing images in PACS, from the Exam Functions Menu, choose the MINDscape option:




  1. Minimize the RIS window and pull the MINDscape login window up to mid screen (it opens near the bottom behind the RIS window)
  2. Provide MINDscape credentials
  3. After logging into MINDscape, patient context is passed from PACS to MINDscape automatically
  4. When done viewing information on the current patient, Alt+Tab back to the RIS window (Note:  Do not close the MINDscape window or you’ll be required to login again when you want to view the next patient)
  5. After MINDscape is launched the first time, it will continue to pass patient context as long as the browser window isn’t closed. 
    • The MINDscape button will be the active button in Exam Functions

  and can just be clicked subsequently until another Exam Function is chosen.