Activating DragLock
 For the Middle Mouse Button in PACS

  1. Click on Windows > Start > Programs > Logitech > MouseWare > Mouse Properties.
  2. In the “Mouse Properties” dialog, click on the [Settings] button.
  3. Hit the [Next] button.
  4. Select the “DragLock” Option in the ensuing window. 

  5. Click the [Finish] button.
  6. Now, in Centricity while viewing a study, right click to bring up the Tool Palette. Ensure the Tool that you want to use with the DragLock functionality is selected. It will appear as a “depressed” button. Below, the “Cine” button has been selected.

  7. With “Cine” selected as the tool, move the mouse over the image you want to Cine. Click on the middle mouse button. The mouse will now behave as if you were holding the left button down, and you can move it around to Cine the stack. To deactivate the DragLock, left click on the image again.
  8. Please be kind to your fellow PACS users and deactivate this feature when you are leaving the workstation that you used it on.