How to Print a QA Report for Attendings



Log into RIS.




Go to the Provider Reports menu




Type “u” into the Report Name field and click the ellipsis “…”



Select “UQIATND UWH – Exam Memos by Subspecialty”



Select output method (printer(default), or email) .

Indicate the printer you want it to print to, if you selected printer for output.

No. of copies you want to print.

Whether you want it to print one time (default) or daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you want it to print later, you can change the date and time you want it to.

If you decide to email the report instead, you will have to enter the email address in a box that will pop-up for you. 



In “Subspecialty”, enter which one you want to run it for (ABDOMEN, BODY, NEURO, etc).  You can click the ellipsis to get a complete list of subspecialties.  If you leave this blank, it will print ALL subspecialties.


Don’t forget to enter a “FromDate” and “ToDate”, or it won’t print anything.



Finally, click “Generate” in the upper right corner of the screen to process your request.



You should get this message.  Just click OK.




If you have trouble, call the helpdesk at 8-4890.