PR Options to Save Reports

Cancel Changes:
Allows anyone to cancel a report and return the exam to Completed status.  Changes will not be saved.
Save Draft:
This saves the report in Imagecast so you can return to it and finish your dictation. This is a good option if you need to save parts of a long report as you are dictating it. It is also used when interrupted by the need to do a procedure, take a phone call, etc.

Save Preliminary:
You must assign an attending radiologist to use this option. This saves your report, puts it on the Attending Radiologist’s signature queue to be signed off, and sends it over the interfaces to ORCA, EPIC, Mindscape and PACS. It is also used with the Nighthawk workflow to get the report to UWMC clinicians.  With this workflow “Support, Services” is assigned as the provider which puts the report on a worklist to be reviewed the next morning and reassigned to an Attending Radiologist for signature.
Only used by Attending Radiologists to finalize the report immediately after dictating.

Send Correction:
You must assign an attending radiologist to use this option. Use this option ONLY if you have dictated the entire report in DICTATE MODE. Saves your report, marks the exam “dictated”, and puts it on Transcription’s queue to review and correct.  When they are finished they will save it as Preliminary, unless instructed to Save Draft. 

You can find these:
   From the Task list on the Home Page
   On the original Worklist if it was saved as a Draft
   On your personal Draft/Prelim Worklist
   In your Signature Queue
Save Dictated:
Allows you to mark an exam Dictated.  May be used during downtime to prevent reports dictated in the Test system from being reported twice.