Computer and Email Resources
Department of Radiology

This page is intended as a resource for Radiology staff to help them set up and use their UW Email accounts.

1. Verify your UW NetID and password.

Use the following link ( to login to UW WebPine. You will be asked for your UWNetID and Password.  WebPine is a web browser interface for your UW email account, and a great way to use UW Email when you are away from your regular AMC workstation, or if you donít have regular access to the same AMC workstation everyday.  WebPine is available on any computer with a web browser that is connected to the Internet.

If you donít yet have a UWNetID, or have forgotten it or your password, go to and and select Get Your UW NetID and Password.  Have your Social Security Number (SSN) and Employee Identification Number (EIN) handy.  Your EIN is printed on your paychecks, or you can contact your Payroll Manager.  You can also call Computing & Communications (C&C) at 206-543-5970.

2. Setting-up your Email.

Once you have your UW NetID and password you can setup an email client on the AMC workstation you use the most.

Login to the AMC workstation you use regularly, then use the Online Configurator  at UW Computing to automatically set up Outlook Express for Windows.

Once configured, you can start using Outlook Express to check your UW Email by clicking the envelope icon on the lower left of the task bar, the larger icon on the desktop, or going to Start->Program Files-> Outlook Express.

To access other UW Mail services like Vacation Mode, and View Disk Usage, go to:

If you want to learn more about UW Email, browse the following site:

3. UWMC Epic Account Requests - Epic Help website

EPIC/HyperSpace account creation:
EPIC/HyperSpace Help:

4. To get an IRIS/Mindscape/AMC account:

Go to and fill in the fields required to get a AMC account.  You will need to already have a UWNetID account and must sign a confidentiality document.

5. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement:

Go to, then select on Data Security and Confidentiality Agreement.  Sign this document and give to supervisor. You will be unable to get Mindscape / Orca privileges without it.

6. Pine Address book import:

Go to to learn how to import your WebPine address book into Outlook Express.

7. Outlook client information:

Go to to learn about Outlook at the University of Washington.

For further help you can call 543-7012 or send email to the Helpdesk at If you need help setting up your UW Email, or wish to get additional training, please call the Radiology Helpline at 598-4890, 8am Ė 5pm M-F.