PACS Account Creation

If you need a PACS account, phone the UWMITS Helpdesk at:  (206)543-7012


Send an email to: and give them the following information: 

Full Name: 
AMC/Mindscape Login Name: 
Position Title: 
Physician ID or Staff ID: 
Contact Number and Email address: 
Access needed (HMC, UW, or both): 

After you have requested a PACS account, you will receive an email similar to the one below.

Your username and password to access PACS at UWMC are below.

Your UW PACS username is: xxxxx
Your temporary password is: xxxxxxxx

You MUST change your password at the first login. To do this go to a "PACS Workstation" and login with the above password and it should prompt you to change to a new password. Change, verify and remember your new password.

To change your password follow the links below:

For UWMC users, click on: and change it.

For HMC users, click on and change it.


Note: Password must be 8-12 characters in length with upper and lower case letters. 

To maintain compatibility with your AMC password you can use at least one numeric and one of the following characters:  !  .  $  (  )  - 

You cannot use the characters  " @ \ ? / + = * &^ % # in your new password and be compatible with AMC and the three Radiology applications:  PACS, RIS and PS360.