• December 29, 2021

    2021 Michael Kyte Region 10 Outstanding Student of the Year Award: Ananna Ahmed

    Each year PacTrans facilitates the selection of the Michael Kyte Region 10 Outstanding Student of the Year Award. We are pleased to announce that this year’s award winner is Oregon State University Graduate Student, Ananna Ahmed. 

    To be eligible, a student must attend a university within Federal Region 10 (Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska), and must have participated in a University Transportation Center funded research project. Nominees are evaluated in three areas: (1) technical merit and research, (2) academic performance, and (3) professionalism and leadership.

    Since receiving this award Ananna has graduated from OSU with the PhD in Transportation Engineering. She is currently located in Mclean, VA, and working as a Human Factor Specialist,  at Leidos in the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. Here are a few words from a conversation we had with Ananna:

    Q. Please share your best college memory.

    A. My best college memory would be going on data collection for weeks during the summer at different parts of Oregon and hanging out with my lab mates and friends. 

    Q.  How did PacTrans help prepare you for what you’re doing today?

    A. PacTrans has provided me with a platform to present my work, interact with fellow graduate students, and exercise leadership skills. I think all of these, research, communication and leadership, helped me prepare for my assumed role. 

    Q. What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

    A. I think my greatest professional accomplishment is seeing our work being applied in-field and improving traffic safety. 

    Q. What advice would you give current students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

    A. Please be honest and true to yourself and your passion for the field. It is okay not to know everything right out of college, nobody does. Your honesty that you are here to learn and serve the field at your best capacity will help you the most.

    Q. What hobbies/ interests do you have? Feel free to share a fun fact about you!

    A. I love travelling and photography. Fun fact: Somehow I grew shorter over the last two years by an inch. Nobody really knows why!! 

    Stay up-to-date with Ananna’s career by connecting with her on LinkedIn.