Request for proposals

PacTrans Call for Multi-Institution Project Proposals for FY 2015-2016

Developing Data Driven Solutions and Decision-Making for Safe Transport

  • Submit full proposals here! Submission deadline for the full project proposals: April 18, 2016

    PacTrans is now soliciting research proposals for multi-institution projects under the theme of "Developing Data Driven Solutions and Decision-Making for Safe Transport." Specific topic areas under each of the three directions, i.e. Safe Infrastructure, Safety User, and Safe Operations, identified through the 2015 Regional Transportation Safety Workshop are as follows:
    1. Safe Infrastructure
    1-1) Effectiveness of Measures to Reduce Collisions (e.g., raised sidewalks, barriers, rumble strips, roundabouts, cameras, lane reallocation)
    1-2) Template for Collection and Analysis of Collision Data
    1-3) High-Tech Solution to Lifeline Resiliency
    2. Safe Users
    2-1) Finding the Tipping Point of Bicycle Use that Would Result in Improved Safety
    2-2) Hybrid Data Collection Models for Effective Prediction of User Travel Mode Utilization
    2-3) Implications of Changing Demographics on User Safety
    3. Safe Operations
    3-1) Investigations on Reasons and Impacts of Vehicle Speeding
    3-2) Identification of Pedestrian-Involved Collision Risk Locations and Cost-Effective Solutions
    3-3) Safety Benefits of Connected Vehicles

    Each proposal must clearly address one or more of the above nine topic areas. Also, they require meaningful contributions from more than one institution, and a 1:1 non-federal match. Cash match is preferred.

    The submission procedure contains two steps, (1) proposal abstract submission by Feb. 16, 2016, and (2) full proposal submission by April 18, 2016. Proposal abstracts will be used for timely recruiting of reviewers and initial assessment by the field experts on how well the proposed research effort responds to the call on above topic areas. Those who miss the proposal submission deadline for abstracts will not be allowed to submit full proposals. PacTrans Board of Directors will share the initial assessment result to the abstract submitters and leave the decision to them on whether to proceed with a full proposal submission or not. To be considered, all proposal abstracts and full proposals must be submitted before the specific deadlines.

    Proposal abstracts need to be uploaded onto the PacTrans website by Feb. 16, 2016.

    Abstract submission deadline: February 16, 2016 Submission and uploading of Full Proposal will be available March 14, 2016.

    Detailed information about the proposal submission process including templates for the project details, text, budget, schedule, and deliverables can be downloaded here.

    Period of performance is for one year with approximate start date of September 16, 2016.

    The maximum amount for an individual multi-institution project proposal is $180,000 of Federal funds with a required 1:1 non-federal match.

    • Submission deadline for proposal abstracts: Feb. 16, 2016
    • Initial feedback to abstract submitters: Mar. 14, 2016
    • Submit full proposals here! Submission deadline for the full project proposals: April 18, 2016
    • Decisions to bidders: May 31, 2016
    • Revised proposal with comments addressed by bidders for final acceptance due by June 13, 2016
    • Final decision notification: July 1, 2016
    • Anticipated period of performance: One year from contract start date (appx start: Sept. 16, 2016)

    For questions email .