• September 04, 2021

    PacTrans Partner OSU’S ITE Student Chapter receives ITE’s 2021 Student Chapter of the Year

    PacTrans partner Oregon State University’s ITE Student Chapter receives ITE’s 2021 Student Chapter of the Year. In addition, OSU ITE’S 2020 President Amy Wyman was also awarded the Western District Outstanding Student Award for her exceptional dedication to the transportation profession through ITE service, research, mentoring, or real-world experiences.

    In 2020-2021, OSU ITE embraced the challenges with exceptional resilience and found areas to grow and create new opportunities. When they transitioned to fully remote operations in late March 2020, OSU ITE continued the events they would have sponsored in person, just in a virtual setting, including their general meeting, speakers, and social meetings over Zoom. As in-person social circles disappeared, they began a mentoring program to connect both undergraduate and graduate students with each other and professionals. They founded a graduate student discussion group, bringing graduate students located in disparate areas of campus together on a consistent basis to discuss transportation, research, and life. 

    OSU ITE collaborated with student chapters across the nation and the world on events like the ITE International Student Leadership Summit and a student/faculty mixer with the University of Puerto Rico – May aguez. OSU ITE has been able to support many more members to attend virtual conferences such as the ITE Western District and ITE International Student Leadership Summits. Despite the pandemic, they have continued to grow their K-12 outreach, commitment to diversity and inclusion, community service, and professional development opportunities.