• December 22, 2021

    PacTrans PI Developed Technology to be Licensed by Fusione Corp- a Snow and Ice Operations Company

    PacTrans PI, and Washington State University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Xianming Shi has developed an anti-icing technology that is being licensed by Fusione Corp., a Massachusetts-based snow and ice operations company, with the goal of creating environmentally responsible and sustainable snow and ice road treatments. This technology was partially a result of a PacTrans-funded research project titled,  Exploring Weather-Related Connected Vehicle Applications for Improved Winter Travel in the Pacific Northwest, where Dr. Shi partnered with researchers from the University of Washington to investigate how connected vehicle (CV) data such as images and friction coefficients could be integrated with data from road weather information system (RWIS) stations and other existing infrastructure, and how the integrated data could be utilized to improve decision-making for highway operations and enhance traveler information during inclement winter weather events.

    More specifically, with regard to the technology transfer, Dr. Shi and team developed liquid anti-icers incorporating grape extract and other agricultural waste. With a lower chloride content, the bio-based anti-icers outperform salt brine and the blended brines with organic derivatives that are currently used in the marketplace. The WSU team worked to derive green chemicals from agricultural waste, including from Concord grape and apple waste, as well as from peony, sugar beet, and dandelion leaves. The technology greatly reduces impacts on water quality, infrastructure, and motor vehicles while maintaining outstanding anti-icing performance, says Shi. It can also be tailored, depending on what waste sources are available.

    “This technology provides a great opportunity for us to make some real change and to develop regional solutions with regional products,” said Marc Valenti, principal of Fusione Corp. The company is a leader in snow and ice operations technology innovation in the Northeast.

    Congratulations Xianming and his team!