• July 06, 2022

    Two PacTrans Students Receive ITE Washington Student Scholarships

    Recently two PacTrans Students were awarded the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Washington Student Scholarships. The Washington State Section of ITE offers scholarships to students planning on pursuing a career in transportation engineering or planning. ITE is an international educational and scientific association. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing professional transportation organizations in the world. ITE members include engineers, planners, and other transport professionals who are responsible for meeting society’s needs for safe and efficient surface transportation.

    Shuyi Yin is a PhD student in Transportation Engineering at UW CEE, where his research centers around statistical modeling, machine learning, and smart infrastructure systems. As a data person, Shuyi has contributed to research projects supported by national agencies, multiple spotlight academic papers, and award-winning solutions at transportation competitions. He is also a teaching enthusiast, delivering an undergraduate transportation data course at UW, free Python coding sections with Stanford, along with other teaching roles. His passion is to optimize for smarter transportation systems, to connect like minded students to more opportunities, and to spend more time in the water.

    Beatriz Muniz Silva is currently a junior attending the University of Washington as a Civil Engineering major. In 2018, she immigrated to the United States to work as an Au Pair with the determination to learn English and obtain her degree in the process. The mobility barriers in her home country, Brazil, made her passionate about leveraging emerging technologies to improve transportation systems and learn to do so in a country with better opportunities for civil engineers. Through her studies and career, she has plans to discover and implement more sustainable methods for affordable transportation and construction systems. She aspires to be a role model for women from third-world countries by establishing a precedent of what is possible as a Latina engineer working on improving transportation infrastructure.

    Congratulations Shuyi and Beatriz!