• May 26, 2022

    Washington State Department of Transportation: Internship Opportunity

    WSDOT Active Transportation Division is currently seeking a Transportation Planning Intern. This position will support WSDOT in responding to the vehicle miles of travel (VMT) reduction proviso. The position will research parts of the Revised Code of Washington that have been suggested by city and county partners, WSDOT staff, and others as potential areas where changes would help the state meet its VMT reduction goals. The position will also assist with other aspects of the VMT proviso effort. Outcomes and products will be conveyed in writing; on web-based applications; and presentations to interested audiences, as applicable.

    What to Expect

    Among the varied range of responsibilities held within this role, the Transportation Planning Intern will:

    • Identify, research, propose, explain, and evaluate RCW and WAC modifications to accomplish vehicle miles of travel reductions goals.
    • Identify and research RCW and WAC sections that could be modified, removed, or added to implement partner suggestions. 
    • Propose recommendations to the existing RCW and WAC that would result in implementing partner suggestions.
    • Provide rational for recommendations. 
    • Evaluate feasibility of recommendations in light of difficulty to obtain support from stakeholders for change, implement proposal, and potential legal complications due to pre-existing caselaw.
    • Prepare reports, technical memorandum, briefings, and presentations on deliverables.


    To be considered for this opportunity, the following are required:

    • Must be involved in a college institution or recent graduate (within one year), with substantial coursework in law, urban planning, political science, public administration, or related discipline.
    • Knowledge of the Revised Code of Washington and Washington Administrative Code.
    • Skilled in legal research and analysis.

    How to Apply

    Applications for this recruitment will be accepted electronically. Your relevant experience may be evaluated to determine salary. Therefore, it is very important that the “Work Experience” portion of the application be completed in as much detail as possible. 

    In order to be considered for this opportunity, please include the following with your online application:

    • An attached Resume outlining (in reverse chronological order) your experience to date.
    • An attached Cover Letter that further explains your qualifications and indicates why you believe you are a viable candidate for this role.
    • Contact details for a minimum three (3) individuals who can attest to your work performance, technical skills, and job-related competencies. This information can be entered in the “References” section of the online application; does not require an additional attachment. 
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation attached to the application.

    Link to application can be found here