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PACW's 2007 Report on Women at UW


From President Emmert:

One of the charges given to the Presidentís Advisory Committee on Women (PACW) is to disseminate collected information on the status of women at the University. During the past year, PACW took this charge and made it a reality. The Report on Women is the first attempt to bring together data that are currently being collected about women and present them in a coherent and easily understandable format. As a baseline and a foundation for future study about UW women, this report is invaluable and I plan to ensure that we continue and improve this effort on an institutional basis. The impacts and contributions of women at the University of Washington -- on its three campuses and in its medical system -- are inestimable. The Report on Women can help us to identify where we need to improve and where we should be celebrating our successes. Well done!

Mark A. Emmert
President, University of Washington

From Elaine Jennerich, 2006-2007 PACW Chair:

Thousands of women work and study at the University of Washington on its three campuses and within its medical centers and hospitals. What do we know about these women? In what jobs do they work? In what fields do they study? Who collects data about them? These and other questions became the focus of the President’s Advisory Committee on Women (PACW) during its tenth academic year of existence, 2006-2007. As far as we knew, no one had previously attempted to bring data about UW women together into one overview collection.

President Emmert and Provost Wise were excited about the project which could inform all of us at the UW. Such a report could serve as a baseline for future comparisons and enhancements. In addition, they believed, we might be able to identify gaps and problems in the data collected at the UW. We’ve worked diligently to keep the report easy to understand and to provide links to more extensive data.

As with most projects at a complex academic institution, the process of creating the report was more complicated and time-consuming than imagined. The tasks of finding the data, defining terms and extracting relevant data about women became the Committee’s focus for the academic year.

Our next steps will include working with the offices of the President and Provost to ensure that this report is issued biennially. We plan to examine gaps in the data and to identify data we may have missed or that should be collected. It is important that the report be widely disseminated and we will work on ways and means to accomplish that.

Many people throughout the University contributed time, energy, knowledge and data to this report. We are extremely grateful to each and every one of them. A special “Acknowledgements” section in the report highlights their contributions

As we tried to think of ways to give the report a human face, the idea of “Featured Women” was born. “Featured Women” will be short articles with pictures about women at the UW. The articles will reside on PACW’s home page. We will add new women on a regular basis and would love to hear your suggestions for women to interview and highlight.

I was honored to be Chair of PACW during its tenth year and while this 2007 Report on Women at the UW was in the making. I believe that the report is a valuable living legacy that will serve UW women and the University well into the future.

Elaine Zaremba Jennerich, Ph.D.
Chair, PACW 2006-2007
Director, Organization Development & Training
University of Washington Libraries

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