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PACW's 2007 Report on Women at UW


University Administration

*All information is from the University's Administration website and is current as of August, 2007.

There are 9 Vice Presidents and one Executive Vice President within President Mark Emmert's office; 5 of the Vice Presidents are women. There are 12 Vice Provosts and one Executive Vice Provost within Provost Phyllis Wise's office; 6 of the Vice Provosts and the Executive Vice Provost are women (these numbers include Phyllis Wise's appointment as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Sheila Edwards Lange's dual appointment as Vice President for Minority Affairs and Vice Provost for Diversity).

Deans and Department Chairs

*All information is from the Office of the Provost.

There are 18 deans at the UW, 8 of whom are women; and there are 106 department chairs at the UW, 11 of whom are women. Out of these 18 women deans and department chairs, one is Asian American.

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