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PACW's 2007 Report on Women at UW

Crime and Police Statistics

*All information provided by the UW Police Department.

The UW Police Department currently has 45 police officers, 9 (20%) of whom are women. The national average is about 12% women police officers.

From January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006, there were 858 victims of Part I crimes at UW Seattle campus. Part I crimes include major crimes such as arson, assault, burglary (breaking and entering with intent to steal), larceny (stealing property), rape, strong arm robbery (stealing from a person, using violence), and auto theft. Of those 858 victims, 314 (37%) were women: 17 (41%) of the 41 assault victims were women; 29 (27%) of the 109 burglary victims were women; 281 (43%) of the 656 larceny victims were women; one woman was raped; 2 women were victims of strong arm robbery; and 11 (35%) of the 31 vehicle theft victims were women.

There were 5 females arrested in 2006 for Part I crimes. One female was arrested for Larceny, one for Motor Vehicle theft, and three for Assault.

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