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PACW's 2007 Report on Women at UW

Term Definitions

  1. UW – Includes Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell campuses and UW and Harborview Medical Centers.
  2. Minority – Reflects self-identified racial and ethnic categories from a list determined by the Federal government for Students and by Washington state government for staff and faculty.
    *In reporting the data, we kept consistent with the category name used in the primary data, so designations for the same racial group may differ between students, staff, and faculty. For instance, African American is used as the minority designation for staff and facutly, while Black is used as the designation for students.
    • Student–Asian American, African American, American Indian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and Latino
    • Staff and Faculty – Black, Asian, Hispanic, and American Indian
  3. Ladder Faculty – Comprises 3 main categories: tenured, untenured, and without tenure. Tenured faculty include associate professors and professors; untenured faculty include assistant professors and acting assistant professors who are eligible for tenure; and without tenure faculty include assistant professors, associate professors, and professors who, due to funding, are not eligible for tenure.
  4. Non-ladder Faculty – Includes the following positions: full-time lecturer, senior full-time lecturer, teaching associate, part-time senior lecturer, principal lecturer, artist in residence, and part-time lecturer.
  5. Temporary Teaching Faculty – Includes the following positions: Acting professor, acting associate professor, acting instructor, acting assistant professor, visiting professor, visiting associate professor, visiting assistant professor, and visiting lecturer.
  6. Research Faculty – Includes research assistant professors, associate professors, and professors.
  7. Clinical Faculty - Salaried – Includes clinical instructors, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors.
  8. Professional staff – Includes 16 general job categories. Housed within each of these categories is at least one, and upwards of 20 job titles and job class codes.
  9. Pay grades – Include 4 categories: 5-7, 8-10, and 11-14 (from lowest to highest) and X. Grades roughly correspond to job duties and responsibilities, and compensation. However, there is overlap between the grades. Grade X cannot be equated to the other grades as people in this pay grade have different compensation structures (e.g., coaches).
  10. Utilization analysis – These data are calculated based on the comparative hiring pool. Numbers come from U.S. census data. For faculty and professional staff in pay grades 11-14, the comparative hiring pool is based on nationwide data. For other professional staff pay grades and classified staff, the comparative data hiring pool is based on data from King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.

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