Paleobiology-Related Courses

BIOL 280    The History of Life

BIOL 438    Quantitative Approaches to Paleobiology, Morphology, and Systematics

BIOL 443    Evolution of Mammals and their Ancestors (with ESS 453)

BIOL 447    The Greening of the Earth

BIOL 450    Vertebrate Paleontology (with BIOL 552 & ESS 452/552)

BIOL 451    Invertebrate Paleontology (with ESS 451)

BIOL 475A  Field Methods in Paleobiology

BIOL 483    Senior Seminar in Paleobiology

BIOL 495    Undergraduate Research in Paleobiology

BIOL 550    PaleoLunch Seminar

BIOL 555    Intro to Graduate Research in Paleobiology

ESS  100    Dinosaurs

ESS 104     Prehistoric Life

ESS  115    Astrobiology: Life in the Universe (with BIOL 114)

ESS  201    The Earth System and Climate

ESS  213    Evolution of the Earth

ESS  313    Geobiology

ESS  450    Paleobiology

ESS  455    Stratigraphy

ESS  456    Depositional Environments

ESS  589    Paleoclimatology: Data, Modeling and Theory

ESS  517    Early Earth Evolution

ESS 558     Intro to Graduate Research in Paleobiology

ARCHY 470 The Archaeology of Extinction

BIO A 388    Human Fossils and Evolution (with BIO A 600)

BIO A 389    Human Fossils and Evolution (with BIO A 600)

BIO A 488    Primate Evolution

BIO A 491    Issues in Human Paleontology

OCEAN 450     Climatic Extremes

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