Applying for Graduate Studies in Paleobiology

UW Paleobiology is looking for outstanding students with a solid foundation in geology and/or biology and interest in pursuing research on exciting paleobiological questions.  Prospective students may apply to the Graduate Program in either the Department of Biology or Anthropology (College of Arts and Sciences) or the Department of Earth & Space Sciences (College of the Environment). We recommend that you contact potential advisors prior to submitting your application.

Current Graduate Students

Brandon Peecook

Stephanie Smith

Adrienne Sorenson

Luke Weaver

Megan Whitney

Paige Wilson

UW Paleobiology Graduate Alumni

Robert Anemone, PhD 1988

Anthony Barnosky, PhD 1983

Rene Bobé, PhD 1997

Robyn Burnham, PhD 1987

Bret Buskirk, MS 2014

Jonathan Calede  PhD 2016

Meng Chen, PhD 2015

Bruce Crowley, MS 1993

Lauren DeBey, PhD 2015

Dave DeMar  PhD 2015

Regan Dunn, PhD 2013

Peter Dunwiddie, PhD 1983

Emmanuel Ergas, MS 2009

Elisha Harris PhD 2016

Kelly Hilbun, PhD 2015

Kathryn Hoppe, MS 1992

Adam Huttenlocker, PhD 2013

Patricia Kramer, PhD 1998

Misaki Ouchida  MS 2016

Adelina Prentice, MS 2011

Shane Schoepfer, PhD 2014

Tom Tobin, PhD 2014

Peter Ward, MS 1973

Cathy Whitlock, PhD 1983