PaleoLunch is an informal, weekly seminar devoted to discussing evolution and the fossil record.  Previous seminars include: discussion of recent papers, hot topics, and recent research of faculty, students, and visiting scientists.  Treats are provided, but bring your lunch too.

PaleoLunch will be held on Thursdays from 12:30 – 1:20 pm in KIN A023D

If you would like to give a seminar or have a seminar idea, email us

Preliminary scheduling for future quarters may be found here.


Treats Schedule

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G. Wilson

R. Dunn

L. Nesbitt & R. Martin

  1. R.Eng

R. Dilhoff

C. Sidor

C. Strömberg

K. Hilbun & T. Tobin

T. Dilhoff

P. Kramer


Organizational Meeting    

Dave DeMar

Stephanie Smith & Jonathon Calede

Liz Nesbitt & Ruth Martin

Greg Retallack (Univ. Oregon)


Christian Kammerer (MFN, Berlin)

Camilla Crifo

Kathryn Hoppe

Nathan Myhrvold (Intellectual Ventures)

Meng Chen                        

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