BIOL 450 class field trip to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Minor in Paleobiology

The degree requirements are as follows (official version can be found here):

30 Credits (18 credits must be from outside your major)


BIOL 354 – Foundations of Evolution and Systematics

BIOL 483 – Senior Seminar in Paleobiology

Choose one:

BIO A 388 – Human Fossils and Evolution

ARCHY 470 – The Archaeology of Extinction

Choose at least two:

BIOL 438 – Quantitative Approaches to Paleobiology

BIOL 443 / ESS 453 – Evolution of Mammals and their Ancestors

BIOL 447 – Greening of the Earth

BIOL 450 / ESS 452 – Vertebrate Paleontology

BIOL 451 / ESS 451 – Invertebrate Paleontology

Choose at least one:

ESS 100 – Dinosaurs

ESS 104 – Prehistoric Life

ESS 115 / BIOL 114 – Astrobiology: Life in the Universe

ESS 213 – Evolution of the Earth

Choose at least one:

ESS 313 – Geobiology

ESS 450 – Paleobiology

ESS 455 – Stratigraphy

ESS 456 – Depositional Environments

Choose at least one:

BIOL 475 – Paleontology Field Methods and Research

BIOL 495 – Undergraduate Research in Paleobiology

Other optional courses:

BIO A 389 – Human Fossils and Evolution

BIO A 491 – Issues in Human Paleontology

BIOL 280 – The History of Life

BIOL 475 students excavate part of a Triceratops skeleton in Montana

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Paleobiology offers interested undergraduates a unique opportunity to study the evolution of life in deep time. Coursework for this minor includes classes in the Department of Biology, the Department of Anthropology, and the Department of Earth & Space Sciences. Participating undergraduates will have the opportunity to pursue independent research and fieldwork. See the Biology Advising Office to sign up.

Recent Graduates of UW Paleobiology

Tara Smiley ’07 (currently grad student at U Michigan)

Rachel Simon ‘09 (currently grad student at UT Austin)

Peter Smits ‘10 (currently grad student at U Chicago)

Shelly Donohue ’10 (currently grad student at Vanderbilt)

Jeff Benca ’12 (currently grad student at UC Berkeley)

Jennifer Eyre ’12 (currently grad student at NYU)

Marrissa Harrison ‘12

Anthony Jijina ’12 (currently grad student at Miami-Ohio)

Steven Lautzenheiser ’12 (currently grad student at UW)

Boryana Kasabova ’13 (currently grad student at Tulane)

Lauren Johnson ’13

Morgan Turner ’13 (currently grad student at Brown U)

Jackie Lungmus ’14 (currently grad student at U Chicago)