Paleobiology at UW, which began in 1907, has undergone significant expansion in recent years. The program now includes ten faculty with research interests ranging from the earliest evidence of life on Earth to the Permian-Triassic extinction, origin of mammals, mid-Cenozoic ‘greenhouse’ to ‘icehouse’ transition, and Neogene expansion of grasslands. We integrate new analytical approaches, such as stable isotope geochemistry and 3D visualization,  with field explorations to Washington’s many locales as well as far-off sites in places like India, Antarctica, and Peru. On campus, the paleontological collections of the Burke Museum boast microfossils and invertebrate, plant, and vertebrate fossils from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Welcome new ESS faculty Alexis Licht

The UWCT Facility is up and running!

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Oct 17  Dr. Christine Janis (KIN A023D, 3pm)

Nov 5   Meet the Mammals at Burke Museum

MMM    Dr. Carlos Jaramillo

Feb 1    Burke Museum Behind the Scenes