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Needs Assessment Results

In order to develop the most useful and relevant palliative care trainings and materials, we have conducted several needs assessments.

In September 2003, surveys were distributed by mail to 2056 members of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. The information presented in the page linked below is the result of analysis of data from 374 surveys which were returned as of November 6, 2003. Results reveal an interest in receiving training in palliative care topics, particularly in the area of assessing and managing pain and symptoms in HIV/AIDS. Respondents were asked to list additional training topics of interest. Most frequently-cited palliative care topics included pediatric issues, hepatitis C co-infection, and addressing substance abuse in pain management.

National ANAC Needs Assessment Survey Results
ANAC Members' Survey

In December 2001, we sent surveys to HIV/AIDS providers in the Pacific Northwest and to AIDS Education and Training Center directors nationwide. In these surveys, providers and training center directors were asked to report on palliative care curricula currently available to them, and on their interests and preferences in receiving additional palliative care training. A total of 162 responses were received from both of these surveys, and the results are presented on the pages linked below. Overall, the surveys suggested that HIV/AIDS care providers and trainers have an interest in receiving additional training in palliative care topics, particularly in the areas of pain management, managing emotional suffering, and cultural issues related to end of life care.

Executive Summary of 2001 Survey Results
AETC Directors and Trainers' National Survey Results
Northwest Regional HIV/AIDS Providers' Survey Results
Providers Survey
Directors Survey

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