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The Center for Palliative Care Education has developed a compendium of resources on HIV/AIDS palliative care topics. This resource list is divided into topics that correspond with the training modules being developed by the project. It can be used by clinicians to increase knowledge and skills, and by health educators to aid in the development of trainings and to give as handouts to trainees. This resource list will be updated periodically by project staff.

The resource list was developed by project staff from a primary search of HIV/AIDS palliative care topics, via PubMed and PsychInfo databases, as well as a search of the World Wide Web. The project directors and staff also contributed what they considered to be seminal works in each of the topic areas.

Support for Trainers

Articles on Training
Resources for Trainers

Content Topics

Advance Care Planning
Caregiver Resources
Communicating With Patients and Families
Complementary Medicine & Palliative Care
Cross-Cultural Communication
Culturally-Competent Care
Evaluation of Palliative Care Provider Education
Evaluation of Palliative Care Services
HIV and Hepatic Failure
International Palliative Care
Native American Health and Healing
Pain & Symptom Management
Palliative Care Curricula
Palliative Care - General Resources
Palliative Care - HIV/AIDS Specific Resources
Permanency Planning Resources
Psychiatric Issues in HIV/AIDS Palliative Care
Psychosocial Issues in HIV/AIDS Palliative Care
Spiritual Issues in HIV/AIDS Palliative Care

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