Aquarius / Sac D


2010 Aquarius / SAC-D Science Team Meeting

July 19–21, 2010
Bell Harbor International Conference Center
Seattle, Washington USA

Meeting Schedule and Links to Presentations

please note: the file size of some of the linked presentations below are very large and may be slow to download.

Monday, July 19, 2010 Speaker
Registration and Continental Breakfast at Bell Harbor International Conference Center (map and directions). Note to poster presenters.
Opening Welcome Presentations (CONAE, NASA, Special Guests)
E. Lindstrom, NASA (pdf)
E. Lindstrom
Meeting Objectives and Agenda (ppt) G.Lagerloef
Keynote #1:
New Understanding of Ocean Salinity from Argo (pdf)
S. Riser
Coffee Break
Mission Update (ppt) S.Torrusio
Education and Public Outreach (ppt) M. Rabolli / A.deCharon
Baseline Orbit Assessment G.Lagerloef (ppt) / M.Suarez (ppt) G.Lagerloef / M.Suarez
Lunch Break 2 hrs
Aquarius Mission Simulator (ppt) G.Lagerloef
Aquarius L1 and L2 Radiometer Salinity Retreival Algorithm (ppt) F.Wentz
Aquarius L1 and L2 Scatterometer Algorithm (ppt) S.Yueh
Aquarius Data System and Data Distribution (ppt) F.Patt
Coffee Break
MWR L2 Retrieval Algorithms (ppt) S.Masuelli
Keynote #2:
Aquarius/MWR Soil Moisture Retreivals and Applications
T.Jackson (ppt) / H.Karzenbaum (ppt)
T.Jackson / H.Karzenbaum
Poster Session and Refreshments


Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Speaker
Continental Breakfast
Agenda Review and Announcements S.Torrusio / M.Rabolli

Keynote #3:
SMOS Preliminary Results:  Soil Moisture, Salinity, RFI
SMOS: Y.Kerr (ppt) / Radiometer RFI Algorithm: N. Skou (ppt)

Y.Kerr (ppt) / N.Skou
Aquarius RFI Algorithm / RFI discussion (ppt) C.Ruf
Aquarius/MWR Cold Sky Calibration Plan (ppt) D.LeVine / J.C.Gallo
Coffee Break
Aquarius Validation Data System (AVDS) (ppt) J.Gunn
Aquarius Salinity Error Validation and Early Orbit Corrections (ppt) G.Lagerloef
Lunch Break 2 hrs
MWR Pre and Post Launch Calibration (pdf) J.C.Gallo / L.Jones
MWR L1 Algorithm and Simulator (ppt) H.Raimondo / F. Madero
NIRST Calibration, Scheduling and Operating Plan (ppt) H.Marrco
NIRST L1 Algorithms (ppt) H.Raimondo / F.Madero
NIRST Land and Sea Surface Temperature Algorithms (ppt) M.Kalemkarian
Coffee Break
High Sensitivity Camera (HSC) (ppt) and Data Collection System (DCS) Overview (ppt) H.Raimondo / F.Madero
Carmen Overview TBD
SAC-D Data System and Data Distribution (pdf) L.Bruno
Keynote #4:
SPURS Field Campaign - Status, Objectives and Discussion (ppt)
Reception and Exhibition - Seattle Aquarium


Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Continental Breakfast
Agenda update and announcements
Working Groups Overview
Parallel Session A Parallel Session B Parallel Session C
Working Group Discussion 
MWR wind, rain and ice algorithms 
Leader:  F. Wentz
Working Group Discussion
SSS data and algorithm validation
Leader:  G.Lagerloef 
Working Group Discussion
Soil Moisture Retreivals
Leader:  T.Jackson  
Coffee Break
Working Group Discussion 
Radiometer Calibration
Leader:  L.Jones
Working Group Discussion
Ocean modeling and data analysis
Leader:  Y.Chao  
Working Group Discussion
Optical Cameras (NIRST-HSC) plus DCS & ROSA
Leader:  H.Marraco/S.Torrusio/M.Rabolli 
Lunch Break 2 hrs
Working Group Discussion
Roughness Correction
Leader:  S.Yueh

SPURS Session
Co-Leaders:  R.Schmitt/E.Lindstrom

Continue Working Group
Optical Cameras (NIRST-HSC) plus DCS & ROSA
Coffee Break
Working Group Summaries
Summary for MWR wind, rain, and ice algorithms - leader Wentz (ppt)
Summary for SSS data and algorithm validation - leader Lagerloef (ppt)
Summary for Ocean modeling and data analysis - leader Chao (ppt)
Summary for SPURS session - leaders Schmitt and Lindstrom (ppt)
Summary and Wrap-up

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