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Rethinking Mental Health Care for Young Offenders

The Lancet April 4, 2014

"On any given day, some 70 000 children younger than 18 years are confined by the US criminal justice system—awaiting sentencing, assigned to the custody of the juvenile justice system, or in some cases, for those who have committed serious offences, imprisoned with adults."

Racial-Ethnic Fairness Resource Hub

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange February 26, 2014

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange has released a Racial-Ethnic Fairness section in their Resource Hub which provides information on strategies that have helped localities reduce racial disparities as well as news on the latest research, reforms and policies that have taken place across the country, best practices, and resources on reducing racial disparities and creating a more...

Launch of the Creating Connections Regional Core Training (RCT) Curriculum

April 1, 2014

On March 26th, Sue Kerns and Barb Putnam presented the first of several MH Trainings for the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence. This was the launch of the Creating Connections Regional Core Training (RCT) Curriculum in the WA State Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence on, “Mental Health: A Critical Aspect to Permanency and Wellbeing.” This training was attended by social workers...

Inventory for Promising, Evidence-based, and Research-based Practices

October 8, 2013

News Articles

Pongo Teen Writing Project in Seattle

Jeffrey Brown and U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey profile the Pongo Teen Writing Project in Seattle March 17, 2014

One quote from PBS story: “I think what I do is the essence of poetry,” explained Richard Gold. “What so many of us struggle with is the unarticulated emotion in our lives. And when poetry serves that, it’s doing something essential for the person and for society.”  What a special time for Pongo, and our message that poetry helps youth suffering from childhood traumas. Pongo is on PBS NewsHour...

Compromise struck on sealing of juvenile-court records

The Seattle Times March 11, 2014

"State lawmakers have reached a compromise on a bill that would eventually lead to the sealing of “the great majority” of juvenile-court records. The bill is now on its way to Gov. Jay Inslee."

The hard lives — and high suicide rate — of Native American children on reservations

The Washington Post March 10, 2014

"Indian country is being pierced by growing alarm at the sheer number of young Native Americans taking their own lives — more than three times the national average, and up to 10 times on some reservations."

A good day for at-risk kids March 10, 2014

"Bills to keep most juvenile records confidential, to require attorneys for foster kids in court, and to track homeless students are on their ways to becoming laws. Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to sign all three bills."

State lawmakers propose more money for mental-health care

The Seattle Times February 27, 2014

"OLYMPIA — After weeks of promising to address mental-health care, state lawmakers appear to be backing up the talk. The budget plans unveiled this week by the Republican-run Senate and the Democrat-controlled House each proposed new dollars for a mental-health-care system that has been increasingly criticized."

Serving homeless youth with a continuum of customized care

Crosscut February 25, 2014

"King County's new homeless youth Initiative puts a premium on organizing providers, bundling services and personalizing delivery for a youthful clientele."

Editorial: Integrate mental health with primary care

The Seattle Times February 19, 2014

"Integrating public mental health, chemical dependency and primary care services are a worthwhile priority for the Legislature in the remaining weeks of the session."

To seal or not to seal: WA's battle over juvenile records

Crosscut January 27, 2014

"Despite three years of legislative efforts to seal juvenile arrest and conviction records (with a fourth try on deck in the current session), Washington remains one in a minority of states that releases juvenile records to the public. It has until recently been one of only three that sell these records in bulk to credit bureaus, data brokers, landlords, employers, colleges and other...

PBHJP Job Opportunities

Office Assistant - Work Study preferred

February 28, 2014

Our Administrative Team is looking for a reliable, motivated and passionate student to assist with office support to the Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy (PBHJP).  Our Division is committed to improving the health and well-being of children, families, and adults served by the mental health, chemical dependency, child welfare, and justice systems. We aim to achieve this...