School Mental Health

Implementation of a Measurement Feedback System in School Mental Health

The proposed project draws on the training and expertise above to develop and evaluate a contextually-adapted, web-based measurement feedback system (MFS) for use in school-based mental health service delivery through a series of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research aims. MFS use assessment data to deliver information to clinicians about client progress, represent a structured way to introduce assessment and progress monitoring into service systems, and have the potential to support effective, client-centered care.

Brief Intervention for School Clinicians (BRISC): A Modularized Evidence-Informed Mental Health Treatment for Use by School Clinicians Working with High School Students

In this 3-year project, the researchers will convene national and local experts to review and provide feedback on preliminary BRISC protocols. Based on this input, they will then conduct an initial implementation study to evaluate feasibility and inform the development of fidelity measures. The researchers will conduct a validation study in public high schools with school-based health centers using a multiple case study design.

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