Evidence Based Practice Institute: ongoing support for maintenance and growth (HB1088)

Principal Investigator: 
Eric Trupin, Ph.D.
Funding Source: 
State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
Project Period: 
2007 - Ongoing
Project Contact: 
Paul Davis - Washington State DSHS, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery
Project Summary: 

In 2007 the Washington State Legislature passed House Bill 1088 which established the Evidence Based Practice Institute (EBPI). The Institute serves as a statewide resource to promote the implementation of evidenced based practices  for children and youth served by the mental health, juvenile justice and child welfare systems of our state.The EBPI collaborates with the Department of Social Health Services, the Health Care Authority, Regional Support Networks, community stakholders and family and youth advocacy groups in order to support the implementation of culturally responsive evidence based, research based and promising practices.    An essential element of the EBPI’s mission is expanding a workforce both within the university as well as in the community that are prepared to implement effective interventions for children, youth and their families.

The mission of the Washington State Evidence Based Practices Institute is to improve the health and well-being of children, families, and adults served by the mental health, chemical dependency, child welfare, and justice systems. We accomplish this mission by implementing, supporting, and informing effective interventions, training, and collaborative research.

Behavioral Health and Child Welfare