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Cell and molecular biophysics

Living cells crawl, eat, grow, duplicate themselves, sense the world around them, signal each other, and work together in communities to form the organs and tissues of every living thing.  The aim of cell and molecular biophysics is to explain how these exquisite behaviors arise from physical interactions between molecules.  Biophysicists apply the principles of quantitative physical science to study fundamental problems in biology.  Often, this means building new instruments, and testing quantitative models of biological phenomena.  In a sense, biophysics is an exploration of the boundary between living things, and inanimate molecules.


faculty photo

Chip Asbury

Molecular basis of biological motion

faculty photo

Daniel Cook

Physiological knowledge representation for multiscale biosimulation: Key to the virtual human

faculty photo

Peter Detwiler

Cellular and molecular properties of sensory transducers

faculty photo

Sharona Gordon

Molecular basis of sensory transduction

faculty photo

Bertil Hille

Properties of ionic channels and receptors in excitable membranes

faculty photo

Duk-Su Koh

Modulation of exocytotic secretion

faculty photo

Nicholas Poolos

Physiology of neuronal dendrites

faculty photo

Bruce Ransom

Physiology of glial cells; pathophysiology of ischemic brain tissue injury

faculty photo

Mike Regnier

Molecular mechanisms of striated muscle contractile regulation

faculty photo

Fred Rieke

Signal transduction in the visual system

faculty photo

Luis Fernando Santana

Ca2+ signaling in cardiac and vascular smooth muscle

faculty photo

William Spain

Properties of neocortex

faculty photo

Jane Sullivan

Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling synaptic transmission

faculty photo

Linda Wordeman

Cell division; Molecular motors

faculty photo

William Zagotta

Molecular mechanisms of ion channel function