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Systems neuroscience

Systems neuroscience is concerned with how cells behave when connected together to form neural networks. Its goal is to expose the link between perception, action and higher cognitive functions on the one hand and cells and molecules on the other. Traditionally, "systems neuroscience" was defined as the study of the function of neural circuits in intact organisms, but today it also draws on molecular and cellular approaches to understand the mechanisms underlying the vast array of complex functions that underlie sensory, motor and cognitive function.


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Marc Binder

Input-Output Functions of Motoneurons

faculty photo

Elizabeth Buffalo

Neural Mechanisms of Learning and Memory

faculty photo

Adrienne Fairhall

Neural information processing systems

faculty photo

Eberhard Fetz

Cortical control of movement; neural modeling

faculty photo

Greg Horwitz

Neural Basis of Color Perception

faculty photo

David Perkel

Neural mechanisms of vocal learning

faculty photo

Steve Perlmutter

Neural Control of Limb Movements

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Fred Rieke

Signal transduction in the visual system

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Edwin Rubel

Auditory physiology; developmental neurobiology

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Eric Shea-Brown

Dynamics and computation in neural circuits

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Robert Steiner

Reproductive Neuroendocrinology