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Location: HSB G-328, 10:30am (unless otherwise noted)

Wednesday -March 19, 2014 - 2014 Hille Lecture

"Phosphoinositides in the control of membrane dynamics and interactions"

Pietro De Camilli, MD, Eugene Higgins Professor of Cell Biology and Professor of Neurobiology, Yale University
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Host: Stan Froehner

Phosphoinositides, the phosphorylated metabolites of phosphatidyl inositol, are minor components of cell membranes, but play key regulatory roles in cell physiology. The differentially phosphorylated inositol groups of these phospholipids control interactions of the bilayer with cytosolic proteins and with other membranes, regulate intrinsic membrane proteins and function as precursors of intracellular second messengers. As different phosphoinositides are preferentially concentrated on different membranes, they also function as major determinants of subcellular membranes identity. The talk will focus on the role of phosphoinositides in the control of membrane dynamics and interactions, with emphasis on the role of PI(4,5)P2, a phospholipid primarily localized in the plasma membrane, which we have extensively investigated in the context of studies of neuronal synapses. I will focus, in particular, on the role of PI(4,5)P2 in the control of membrane traffic to and from the plasma membrane and in the cross-talk between the plasma membrane and the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The recent identification and putative function of the extended-synaptotagmins (E-Syts) as ER-localized enzymes that mediate PI(4,5)P2-dependent contacts, but not fusion, of the ER with the plasma membrane will also be discussed.

Alt Time: 4:00
Alt Location: HSB T-435