Administering and Evaluating PCAP: Protocols and Forms

Hiring & Training

PCAP Supervisor

PCAP Case Manager

PCAP Office Assistant

PCAP Exit Interviewer

Recruitment, Referrals

Washington State Institutional Review Board (IRB)

PCAP Clients as Human Subjects: Special Considerations (“ABCs of IRB”)

ABCs of IRB Quiz

Consents, Permissions, Releases of Information

Program Permissions (Non‐IRB)

PCAP Case Management: Getting Started

The Client File: 6 Sections

Client File Protocol

  1. Inside Front Cover:
  2. Service Coordination:
  3. Medical Information:
  4. Goals & Assessments:
  5. Case Notes:
  6. Correspondence:
    • Copies of letters, etc.

Case Manager Tools

Legal Protocols

Client Exit

Authorized Client Extentions

Supervision and Administration Tools

Other Administrative Recommendations

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