PCAP Overview

The Problem

Prenatal alcohol and drug exposure puts children at risk due to:

The Goals of PCAP

The goals of PCAP are to help mothers with substance use disorders to:

The PCAP Approach

Pregnant and parenting women are enrolled in PCAP for 3 years. PCAP forms partnerships with and between clients and families and community service providers.

  • PCAP provides clients outreach and engagement, structured goal setting, problem-solving, practical assistance, and consistent coaching

  • PCAP seeks to help community service providers understand how to work more effectively with this population and works to ensure that clients and families receive needed services

Clients are not asked to leave the program if they relapse or experience setbacks.

Case Management

Trained and supervised case managers meet with clients twice monthly, in clients’ homes when possible, to assist clients in:

Case managers provide extensive practical assistance and long-term emotional support that is often essential to women who are making fundamental changes in their lives.

Home Visitation

Though voluntary, home visitation plays a valuable role in the PCAP intervention.

Through home visitation and/or other in-person contacts the case manager is able to “meet the client where she’s at” while providing ongoing support.

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