The Willows: PCAP Transitional Housing

The Willows is 15‐unit transitional housing facility for PCAP mothers who have co‐occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, and their children. Developed in partnership with Community Psychiatric Clinic (CPC) and completed in 2005, The Willows represents an integrated model designed to help residents achieve an alcohol and drug‐free lifestyle, gain psychiatric stability, and raise their children in a healthy family environment. The Willows is a vital resource for families during their recovery process and offers substantially increased opportunities to help them move toward stability and self‐sufficiency.

The goals of The Willows are:

The Facility

Located in the White Center neighborhood south of Seattle, The Willows is designed to provide a secure residential atmosphere and consists of three wood‐framed two‐story townhouses surrounding a landscaped courtyard and play area. Each townhouse houses five families and has 2 living rooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and dining room, a laundry room, and private bedrooms for every family (the number of bedrooms depends on the size of the family). The townhouses are fully furnished and near a major bus line. In addition to the family units, the facility includes staff offices and meeting rooms for classes and group activities. Willows families may stay in residence for up to 18 months.

Willows Services

CPC owns and operates the facility, and provides 24‐hour onsite services by licensed and certified staff in order to offer residents supervision, support, skills training programs, and assistance with daily living needs.

All treatment services, vocational services and other supports are provided either off site or on a wrap‐around basis. Willows residents receive outpatient mental health and chemical dependency treatment at sites operated by CPC and through the King County Mental Health Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division.

PCAP provides ongoing advocacy and case management to Willows families as they take steps to prepare for independent housing in the future. At completion of the program families are eligible to receive permanent subsidized housing in King County.

About Community Psychiatric Clinic (CPC)

CPC is an award winning agency that has been in operation since 1953 providing mental health and chemical dependency treatment, case management, medical services, vocational and housing services to over 5000 persons annually throughout King County. CPC has been recognized nationally and is Washington State’s leader and pioneer in the development of effective housing programs for persons with disabilities.

The Willows Capital Funding

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Washington State Housing Trust Fund

King County Housing Opportunity Funds

Paul Allen Charitable Foundation

The Willows Operating and Service Funding

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

King County Housing Authority

King County Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Division

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