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Labor and Employment Relations Association Scholarship

The Labor and Employment Relations Association Association (LERA) generously funds an annual $1,000 scholarship for students, graduate or undergraduate, who are committed to pursuing a profession in labor and/or labor management.

The constitution of the LERA states as its purposes:

  1. The encouragement of research in all aspects of the field of labor studies -- social, political, economic, legal and psychological -- including employer and employee organizations, labor relations, personnel administration, social security and labor associations;
  2. The promotion of full discussion and exchange of ideas regarding the planning and conduct of research in this field;
  3. The dissemination of the significant results of such research; and
  4. The improvement of the materials and methods of instruction in the field of labor studies.

Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible. Students can apply directly, or a faculty member can nominate outstanding students.

Application Process

Students may apply directly or be nominated by a faculty member. In addition to the LERA Scholarship, applicants will also be considered for the Gundlach Scholarship in Labor Studies, Martin and Anne Jugum Scholarship in Labor Studies, and the Samuel B. Bassett Scholarship in Labor Relations.

Required Application Materials

  1. A written statement by the applicant (not exceeding 750 words) explaining her or his commitment to the study of labor, involvement with the labor movement, or intention to pursue a career in labor relations.
  2. A brief letter of faculty support
  3. A copy of the student's transcript
  4. Include student's contact information, including email, mailing addresses, and phone number

Selection of the LERA Scholarship recipient will be made by the Standing Committee of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and presented at the Bridges Center's annual awards celebration.

Deadline for application for the 2017-2018 academic year

Monday, June 12, 2017

Send applications to

    Andrew Hedden, Associate Director
    Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies
    University of Washington
    Box 353530

Previous Winners

  • 1997: Geoff Miller
  • 1998: Jeremy Simer
  • 2000: Vanessa Power
  • 2001: Patrick Frey
  • 2002: Dean Grafilo
  • 2004: Devin Kelly (Sociology)
  • 2005: Melanie Harding (Political Science) and Oscar Rosales (American Ethnic Studies)
  • 2006: Rachel Taber (Political Science)
  • 2007: Patricia George (Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies, UW Tacoma)
  • 2008: Aaron Verzosa (Linguistics and Physiology)
  • 2009: Lila Zucker (Sociology)
  • 2010: Andrés Muñoz
  • 2011: Reyna Rollolazo
  • 2012: Daniel Cairns
  • 2013: Alyson Dimmitt Gnam
  • 2014: Ron Heley
  • 2015: Garrett Strain
  • 2016: Becky Fuller-Phillips