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An electronic community for those interested in discussing the teaching and learning of secondary school mathematics.

What this site is...
  • Always changing: Our thinking is ALWAYS under construction.
  • A How-To-Guide: How did our Learning from Teaching Labs group come to be? The method behind our madness...
  • A Glossary: Our spot for fleshing out working definitions of key terms and ideas
  • An Annotated Bibliography: A place where members can share annotations of readings with the group, as well as post readings that have been recommended by others
  • A Discussion Schedule: What will we talk about next? Visit our discussion schedule and find out!
  • An Online Community: Who's who in the Learning from Teaching Labs group



Welcome to our electronic community! Your participation is extremely valued and we strive to make all visitors comfortable. Our group has established a set of norms (what we expect from ourselves and each other), and we ask that you respect them. Click here to read our norms.

Discussion Page (EPost)

Visit our discussion board. You will need to register with catalyst to be able to post and view messages to our discussions.

Reflections on PCMI

Click here to read reflections on our PCMI experiences.

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