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Sleep Center

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Seattle Children’s has the only sleep center in the region dedicated to caring for babies, children and teens. We perform all our sleep studies in a lab specially designed to accommodate children. Our facility is located within the Bellevue Clinic. We have designed the lab so that you or another adult family member has a place to stay with your child during the overnight sleep test.

In addition to doctors and nurses who specialize in caring for young people, our team includes registered polysomnographic technologists who monitor and interpret children's sleep studies. We work closely with specialists in other Children's clinics, including Pulmonary Medicine, Otolaryngology and Behavioral Medicine, to provide complete care for your child and compassionate support for your family.

Meet the Sleep Disorders Care Team:

Maida L. Chen, MD- Director, Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center
Yemi Kifle, MD- Associate Director, Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center
Carey Lockhart, MD

Joanna Wrede, MD

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners:
Shay Jackman, ARNP
Amber McAfee, ARNP
Lisa Musso, ARNP

Jennifer Patano, ARNP

Other Team Members:
Chris Sambrano- PST, CPAP/BIPAP Coordinator
Dustin Lehnert- Sleep Center Manager

Melinda Garberich, RN- Sleep Nurse
Sarah Coburn, RN- Sleep Nurse

Janine Bufi - Sleep Program Administrative Assistant

Sleep Clinics:
To make an appointment call:

At Seattle Children’s Hospital (206) 987-5072
At Children’s Bellevue (425) 454-4644

For more information go to: Seattle Children's Sleep Center