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EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Writes In

The AAP featured a column by Gina McCarthy regarding climate change, the role of pediatricians in raising awareness about the impact of climate change on children' health, and the PEHSU units. Check it out:


PEHSU Offers Pediatric Environmental Health Training in the Yakima Valley

Dr. Catherine Karr will perform a training on children's environmental health exposures, including pesticides and nitrates, at multiple locations in Washington State's Yakima Valley from July through September.  If interested in having a training at your clinic, please contact us.


The PolicyLab at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Features Reducing Children's Environmental Exposures in Guest Blog


KOMO News:  Chemical from Plastics Found in High Levels in Infant Diets

A recent study at Seattle Children's Research Institute found kids are high levels of phthalates in their food. Phthalates are used in plastics to make them more flexible, but are also turning up in food.  "We don't know how," said Dr. Sheela Sathyanarayana.  "It could be in the feed the animals are eating and then the chemicals adhere to fat or it could be from the processing in the plants themselves."

Read the article: