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G. Andrew H. Benjamin, J.D., Ph.D., ABPP

Parenting Evaluation Training Program
William H. Gates Hall, Box 353020
Seattle, WA 98195-3020

T: 206.616.6220


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Dr. Benjamin provides intensive tutorial consultation for those who would like to become certified by PETP as an evaluator for high conflict family law cases. Please forward a copy of your license, and a resume or curriculum vitae.

Co-Parent Psychotherapy
Information on what co-parent psychotherapy is, what to expect, and how to begin the process.

PETP Graduates
View this page for a list of evaluators conducting parenting evaluations in the Puget Sound area.

Book: Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation: Reducing Risks of Ethical Infractions and Malpractice
(Benjamin & Gollan, 2003, American Psychological Association Press)

Book: Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation, Second Edition: Promoting Optimal Outcomes and Reducing Ethical Risks
(Benjamin, Beck, Shaw & Geffner, 2018, American Psychological Association Press)



Workshop Prospectus

How to Build A Successful Practice in Psychology at the Crossroads of Law and Behavioral HealthAnd Still Keep Your Sanity, Your License, and a Positive Perspective on Human Nature

G. Andrew H. Benjamin, J.D., Ph.D.
Affiliate Professor of Law
University of Washington School of Law

Contact for Workshop Arrangements:
Bernard Z. Friedlander, Ph.D.
6666 Odana Road #173
Madison, WI 53719-1012
National cell phone: 425-503-9875
Madison land line: 608-236-0386
E-mail: BZF303@AOL.COM

Length of Program
A full working day

Learning Level
Intermediate to advanced



Conducting family evaluations for courts, attorneys, and litigants in child custody disputes can become a rewarding frontier of private practice in psychology. However, it is a specialty with many pitfalls and risks of error, malpractice, and professional burnout for practitioners who are not adequately prepared to deal with the technical and experiential requirements of this challenging work.

A national pioneer in this exacting field, Professor Benjamin is the founding director of the Parenting Evaluation Treatment Program at the University of Washington School of Law. He has conducted and supervised more than 600 family evaluations, performed by non-lawyer psychologists and psychiatrists, without incurring a single ethical complaint.

Professor Benjamins workshop gives point-by-point practical guidance that shows psychologists how to get started and to refine their skills in this productive and expanding field.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn requirements and skills for conducting court-directed family evaluations.
  2. Develop new revenue streams for professional practice outside the health care system.
  3. Learn how the new mandated APA ethics requirements for continuing education affect this area of practice.
  4. Protect the best interests of vulnerable children enmeshed in high-conflict marital litigation.


Benjamin, G.A.H., & Gollan, J.K. (2003). Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation: Reducing Risks of Ethical Infractions and Malpractice. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Diversity Components

Questions concerning multicultural and ethnic issues will be addressed directly.

Instructors Biography

The exceptional features of Andy Benjamin's career are the breadth of his professional activities and the strength of his commitment to combining the best resources of psychology and law for the benefit of children and adults enmeshed in severe family conflicts.

While working with families engaged in high-conflict litigation, he was named Professional of the Year by the Washington State Bar Association's Family Law Section. He was elected to serve as president of the Washington State Psychological Association, and later his colleagues created an award in his name for outstanding and tireless contributions. He was honored by the Puyallup [American Indian] Nations Health Authority for serving as a modern day warrior fighting the mental illnesses, drug-alcohol addictions of the people served by the nations program.

Andy has published 36 articles in psychology, law, and psychiatry journals, and he is the principal author of Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation: Reducing Risks of Ethical Infractions and Malpractice and author of Law and Mental Health Professionals: Washington, both published by the APA. In addition, he is active in the governance of APA.

Andy earned his J.D. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Arizona in 1984 and 1985. He has served on the University of Washington School of Law faculty as assistant professor, associate professor, and professor since 1985. He has also served on the University of Washington School of Medicine faculty in various capacities.

Andy lives in Seattle with his wife and two children. His hobbies include extensive family travel and and watching his son's and daughters soccer teams. He was an active soccer coach until last year and happily reports that both kids teams exceeded his skills by the time team members were 12 years of age.

References From Other Presentations

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2. Annette T. Burns, J. D., President, Arizona Association of Family Court and Community Professionals. Contact addresses upon request.