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Upcoming PETTT events

PETTT Featured at WebEd Meeting: August 5, 2004

"Lights, Camera, Interaction: Teaching with Video Traces An Introduction and Workshop"

    Film students interpreting movie clips, crew team members learning proper rowing technique, choreography students reflecting on their compositions, and kids at a science museum wondering about exhibits. What do these groups have in common? They have all used an innovative educational technology developed at the University of Washington. Video Traces is a digital media annotation program that allows users to import video clips and images and annotate them with audio recordings and “gestures.” The tool has been developed and researched by Dr. Reed Stevens and the Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology (PETTT).

    This presentation will be available in streaming video! Please visit WebEd Presentations.

    Recent PETTT events

    "Using Portfolios to Bridge Classroom, Community, and Career"

      PETTT Spring Forum
      May 21, 2003 at Henry Art Gallery
      Panel Discussants: Steve Seidel, John C. Ittelson, Judy Patton and Allen Woodard

      More information available here (PDF; 1 page)

    "Academia and Business Communities: Creating Synergies and Leveraging Next Generation Technologies"

      Society of Information Managers (SIM)
      June 13, 2002 at Henry Art Gallery
      Panel Discussion: Mike Eisenberg and Louis Fox on panel

    PETTT Spring Forum: "How do we know that learning is taking place?"

      Thursday, May 30, 2002
      Walker Ames Room, Kane Hall
      Keynote speakers: Patricia Kuhl (Director, Center for Mind, Brain, and Learning) and Sam Wineburg (Professor, Educational Psychology)

      More information available here

    "Information Needs Therapy and Technology: Implications for Patient Self Care"

    Archive of past events, with streaming video

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