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PETTT Papers

Listed below are some of PETTT's working papers, reports, and other documents. They are available for your free use, but only if you reference us in your bibliography and tell us about it.

Most of these files are Microsoft Word documents. Some are PDF (Portable Document Format) files, which require Acrobat Reader for viewing. You may download Acrobat Reader for free. Some are links to web pages. The document type is listed with each document.

Within each section below, the most recent documents are listed first.

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PETTT documents

  1. 2003 PETTT Prospectus

  2. 2001 Annual Report

  3. 2000 Annual Report

      Authored by the PETTT team
      February 2001

      Our first annual report explains the PETTT framework, offers details of two PETTT projects, and summarizes our development, dissemination, and evaluation activities.

      Read: 2000 Annual Report (PDF; 43 pages)

  4. PETTT Proposal

      Our proposal describes our principles and approaches, explains our research cycle, and offers details about our leadership.

      Read: Proposal (PDF; 10 pages)

Papers published in journals and conference proceedings

  1. Using Digital Tools in Study Abroad Programs

      by Cara Lane
      Paper and One-Hour Breakout Session at Syllabus: Technology for Higher Education Conference in Cambridge, MA.

      Read: Conference Paper (PDF; 5 pages)

  2. Moving Toward Knowledge-building Communities in Informational Web Site Design

  3. What are Patients Seeking When They Turn to the Internet? Qualitative Content Analysis of Questions Asked by Visitors to an Orthopaedics Website

  4. Leaving a Trace: Supporting Museum Visitor Interpretation and Interaction with Digital Media Annotation Systems

  5. Using an Internet Comanagement Module to Improve the Quality of Chronic Disease Care

  6. Patient-Centered Health Record Linked to a Referral Service

  7. Using a Video Annotation Tool to Teach Dance Composition

  8. A Case Study: Knowledge Management Systems to Enhance a Nursing Curriculum

  9. Learners on the Back end: Students Contributing to Web-based Information Systems

      by Gina Cherry, William Washington, Janice Fournier and Kristen Shuyler
      Accepted to the Proceedings of CHI '03, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
      April 5-10, 2003

      Read: Short paper (PDF; 2 pages)
      Read: Poster text (PDF; 4 pages)

  10. Using Faceted Classification To Provide Structure For Information Architecture

  11. Using Facet-Based Assessment to Understand Introductory Programming Students' Knowledge

  12. Using Augmented Reality for Teaching Earth-Sun Relationships to Undergraduate Geography Students

  13. Learning to Support the Instructor: Classroom Assessment Tools as Discussion Frameworks in CS 1

      by Tammy VanDeGrift and Richard J. Anderson
      Paper and presentation at the 7th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education in Aarhus, Denmark (pp. 19-23 in the proceedings)
      June 24-26, 2002

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 5 pages)

  14. Listening to the Learners: A Case Study in Health Information Website Design

  15. Asynchronous Web-based Patient-centered Home Telemedicine System

  16. Moving toward Knowledge-building Communities in Health Information Website Design

  17. Video Traces: Rich Media Annotations for Teaching and Learning

  18. Faculty Voices and Educational Technology: Shaping Effective Student-Centered Learning

  19. Technology Adoption as Process: A Case of Integrating an Information-Intensive Website into a Patient Education Helpline

  20. Web-based Home Telemedicine System for Orthopaedics

  21. Interfacing: Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with Technology

      by Scott Macklin
      Paper at the Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning, "Home on the Web: The Challenges and Opportunities of Online Learning Communities"
      April 2001

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 16 pages)

  22. A Catalyst for Collaboration: Supporting Technology in Teaching through Partnerships

  23. Guidelines for Web Data Collection: Understanding and Interacting with Your Users

      by Judith Ramey
      Published in Technical Communication, Volume 47, Number 3
      August 2000

      Read: Full paper (web page)

  24. The Catalyst Project: Supporting Faculty Uses of the Web...with the Web

      by Mark Donovan and Scott Macklin
      Published in CAUSE/EFFECT Journal, Volume 22, Number 3

      Read: Full paper (web page)

  25. New Learning Technologies: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Book chapters

  1. Teaching Literature Through Interpretive Web Design: Student Editions of Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations

      by Cara Lane
      edited by Mark Girod and Jason Steed (Forthcoming)
      A chapter in Using Technology in the College Classroom: Humanities (volume 2)
      New Forums Press, early 2004

      Read: Abstract (PDF; 1 page)

  2. Technology

      by Scott Macklin
      A chapter in Developing Web-Based Instruction: Planning, Designing, Managing and Evaluating for Results
      (Elizabeth A. Dupuis, Editor)
      Neal-Schuman Publishers, August 2003

      Read: Publisher Description (Web page)

  3. The Catalyst Project: Supporting Faculty Uses of the Web . . . with the Web

      by Scott Macklin and Mark Donovan
      A chapter in E-Learning: Expanding the Training Classroom through Technology
      Rectro Duncan and Associates, Inc.

Studies and reports

  1. A Vision of the Future: Remodeling the Knowledge Architecture of the University of Washington

      by Kimberly K. Gustafson and Kurt Kors
      PETTT 2001 - 2002 Educational Technology Report
      May 2003

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 95 page document)

  2. Evaluating Your SimpleSite with Log File Analysis: How do your students use your site? Is your site effective?

      by Kristen Shuyler and Eric Maddox
      PETTT Technical Report
      August 2002

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 12 page document)

  3. Moving Toward Knowledge Building Communities in Health Information Website Design

      by Tracey Wagner, Jennifer Turns, Kristen Shuyler, and Aaron Louie
      University of Washington Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine 2002 Research Report
      August 2002

      Read: Full paper (PDF; pages 55-57 in a 76-page document)

  4. Transforming Patient Education at the University of Washington and Beyond

      by Kristen Shuyler, Tracey Wagner, Scott Macklin, Aaron Louie, Brett Shelton, Eric Maddox, Jennifer Turns, and Frederick A. Matsen III, M.D.
      May 2002

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 26 pages)

  5. Do You Teach With Technology? Faculty Survey Results Revealing

  6. Faculty Survey on Instructional Technology 2001: Methodology and Preliminary Findings

  7. Continuing Medical Education: Observations of CME Course on Feb. 8 and 9, 2001

      by Jennifer Turns and Tracey Wagner
      March 2001

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 24 pages)

  8. Understanding Users of a Medical Information Website: A Phone Interview Study of Arthritis Source Users

      by Kristina Liu, Jennifer Turns, and Tracey Wagner

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 50 pages)

  9. Rethinking the "Distance" in Distance Learning: The Prospects and Complexities of Tutored Video instruction

      by Kurt Kors, Lori Postner, and Brett Shelton

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 4 pages)

  10. Student course evaluations and grades in CSE 142 and 243: Winter and Spring 2000

      by Nana Lowell and Zoe Clelland-Dunham
      July 2000

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 25 pages)

  11. Tutored Video Instruction: A Preliminary Qualitative Evaluation of Computer Science at the University of Washington

      by Brett E. Shelton and Lori Postner
      Spring 2000

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 23 pages)

  12. Experiences with Tutored Video Instruction for Introductory Programming Courses

      by Richard Anderson, Martin Dickey, and Hal Perkins

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 5 pages)

  13. CSE TVI Pilot Project

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 7 pages)

Guides and how-to documents

  1. Guidelines for Web Data Collection: Understanding and Interacting with Your Users

      by Judith Ramey
      Published in Technical Communication, Volume 47, Number 3
      November 2000

      Read: Full paper (web page)

  2. Online Surveys: Guidelines and Summary of Research

      by Julianne Fondiller
      March 2000

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 17 pages)

  3. Improving Search Engine Position of Internet Educational Materials: Design Heuristics and Indexing Methods

      by Aaron J. Louie, Jacob S. Burghardt, Ralph Warren, Jr., Scott K. Macklin, and Fredrick A. Matsen III, M.D.
      February 2000

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 17 pages)

  4. Catalyst teaching guides

Reviews and recommendations

  1. Computer Science Education Research on Programming: What We Know and How We Know It

      by Lori Postner
      August 2001

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 6 pages)

  2. Tutored Video Instruction Work at the University of Washington: Bibliography

      by Jennifer Turns

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 4 pages)

  3. A Survey of Current Research Questions in Frontiers in Education Conference Proceedings

      by Jacob Burghardt and Jennifer Turns
      January 2000

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 11 pages)

  4. A Survey of Current Research Questions in Educational Technology Research and Development

      by Jacob Burghardt and Jennifer Turns
      December 1999

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 7 pages)

  5. A Survey of Current Research Questions in Human-Computer Interaction

      by Jacob Burghardt and Jennifer Turns
      December 1999

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 8 pages)

  6. Redesigning Tutored Video Instruction: Recommendations for Higher Education Programs Using TVI

      by Kurt Kors

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 25 pages)

  7. Logfile Analysis: Literature Review

      by Brett Shelton
      November 1999

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 7 pages)

  8. Web statistics tool comparison

Data analysis reports

  1. Synthesis of Results of "Interview with Designer": Goals of the Designer and Implications for Research & Re-Design

      by Julianne Fondiller, Jennifer Turns, Jake Burghardt, Brett Shelton, and Scott Macklin
      January 2000

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 11 pages)

  2. Arthritis Source: On-Line Survey Results

      by Jennifer Turns and Kristina Liu
      January 2000

      Read: Full paper (PDF; 73 pages)

  3. Exploratory Arthritis Source Log Analysis, Part 1 and Part 2

      by Brett Shelton and Jennifer Turns
      November/December 1999

      Download: Part 1 (Microsoft Word document; 6 pages)
      Download: Part 2 (Microsoft Word document; 21 pages)

  4. Interview with the Designer: Interview Questions

      by Julianne Fondiller and Jennifer Turns
      October/November 1999

      Download: Full paper (Microsoft Word document; 3 pages)

PETTT in Press

  1. Scott Macklin and Tom Lewis discuss Catalyst Portfolio Tool
    2003 NLII Annual Review, page 29 (PDF document)

  2. Student, faculty view on technology often differs, study shows
    University Week, July 10, 2003

  3. Digital Portfolio uses shared at forum
    University Week, May 29, 2003

  4. Furthering Active Learning
    Windows On Technology, Number 29, May 2003

  5. Students: Higher learning should include high tech
    University Week, April 24, 2003

  6. Simulated Congress Imparts Real Lessons
    University Week, December 12, 2002

  7. Portfolio project lets students reflect on their learning
    University Week, November 7, 2002

  8. UW gets World Citizen Award
    University Week, November 14, 2002

  9. Learning sciences conference set for Oct. 23-26
    University Week, October 17, 2002

  10. NSF-funded center to examine essential thought processes of engineering students
    University Week, October 10, 2002

  11. UW to lead effort exploring how engineering students think and learn, and how best to teach them
    UW News Announcement, September 26, 2002

  12. Symposium to draw almost 400
    University Week, May 9, 2002

  13. Technology and therapy: May 3 afternoon program will focus on using new technology for self-management of chronic disease
    University Week, April 25, 2002

  14. Ed tech forum set May 24
    University Week, May 17, 2001

  15. Faculty should lead the way on classroom technology
    University Week, January 11, 2001

  16. UWired wins EDUCAUSE award
    University Week, October 5, 2000

  17. Pea tells educators that technology can have a positive effect on learning
    University Week, June 1, 2000

  18. UW and Arthritis Foundation collaborating on several projects
    University Week, May 4, 2000

  19. Four projects funded in latest UIF round
    University Week, June 24, 1999

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