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PETTT Presentations

Some of the recent presentations made by the PETTT team and our faculty advisors are listed here. Unless otherwise noted, these presentations are available for your free use, but only if you reference us in your bibliography and tell us about it.

Most of these files are Microsoft PowerPoint documents. Some are PDF (Portable Document Format) files, which require Acrobat Reader for viewing. You may download Acrobat Reader for free. Some are links to web pages. The document type is listed with each document.

  1. Lessons Learned from a Two-year Institutional Assessment of Educational Technology

  2. Systems and Methods for Patient-Centered e-Health Services

  3. Keynote: "Knowledge as Therapy for Arthritis"

  4. Representing, Exchanging, and Assessing Ideas in an Almost Natural Way: The Traces Digital Media Annotatioin System

  5. Mission Impossible? Encouraging Freshmen to Appropriate the Electronic Portfolio at the University of Washington

  6. A Case Study: Knowledge Management Systems to Enhance a Nursing Curriculum

  7. Learners on the Back end: Students Contributing to Web-based Information Systems

      Proceedings of CHI '03, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
      Fort Lauderdale, Florida
      by Gina Cherry, William Washington, Janice Fournier and Kristen Shuyler
      April 5-10, 2003

      Read: Short paper (PDF; 2 pages)
      Read: Poster text (PDF; 4 pages)

  8. Using Faceted Classification To Provide Structure For Information Architecture

  9. What are Patients Seeking When They Turn to the Internet? Questions asked by Visitors to an Orthopaedics Website

  10. The Catalyst E-Portfolio: Using Assessment to Shape Enterprise-Wide, Learner-Centered Technologies

  11. The Catalyst Initiative: Using Assessment to Drive Innovation in Teaching & Learning with Technology

  12. Characterizing Audience for Informational Website Design:
    A Case Study

      Presentation given to IBM User Experience Group, San Jose, California
      by Jennifer Turns
      November 14, 2002

      Download: PowerPoint presentation

  13. Advanced Educational Interfaces: Teaching and Learning with Augmented Reality

  14. Emerging Genres of Learning Technology & Understanding how to Foster Multi-partisan On-line Interactions Around Scientific Controversy

  15. The Challenges of Learning to Program

  16. An Application of Audience Analysis in Web-based Health Information System Design

      Public Lecture for Students and Faculty in the UW Department of Technical Communication
      by Jennifer Turns
      February 11, 2002

      Read: Abstract
      Download: PowerPoint presentation

  17. UW Portfolio Tool

      Presentation to NLII annual meeting, San Diego, California
      by Tom Satwicz
      January 27-29, 2002

      Download: PowerPoint presentation

  18. Faculty Voices & Educational Technology: Shaping Effective Student-Centered Learning

  19. Moving Toward Knowledge-building Communities in Health Information

  20. Video Traces: Rich Media Annotations for Teaching and Learning

  21. Moving Toward Knowledge-building Communities in Health Information Website Design

  22. Moving Toward Health Knowledge Management 2010

  23. Designing a Web-Based System to Support Learners-at-Large

      Presentation to UW Technical Communication 521: Current Issues in Technical Communication
      by Jennifer Turns, Tracey Wagner, and Kristen Shuyler
      November 2, 2001

  24. Demonstration of Interactive Tools for Arthritis Source

      Presentation to Education Curriculum and Instruction 581: Design Experimentation and Implementation in Context
      By Tracey Wagner and Kristen Shuyler
      November 2001

  25. Design Heuristics for the Arthritis Source Web Site: Improving Search Engine Position and Processing User Feedback for Quality Improvement

  26. Demonstration of Arthritis Source to Juvenile Arthritis Patients and Their Families

  27. QX -> QC -> AC: Questions from Phone Interview

      Presentation to Arthritis Source Research Group
      by Jennifer Turns, Tracey Wagner, and Kristina Liu
      June 2001

  28. Video Traces: Media Rich Annotations for Learning and Teaching

  29. Integrating an Information-Intensive Website into Pedagogical Practice

  30. Computer Science: Still Crazy After All These Years

  31. Interfacing: Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with Technology

  32. Listening to the Learner: Strategies, Examples, and Implications from Research on a Medical Information Website

  33. Emerging Genres of Learning Technology

  34. Bringing Technology into the Service of Teaching and Learning

  35. Design Heuristics for Creating Tailored Patient Education Materials for the Web

  36. Faculty Support for Teaching with Technology

      Keynote Presentation at Project JSTOR conference, Creating Partnerships, Creating Scholarship: Strengthening Research, Teaching and Learning with Effective Use of Electronic Resources
      by Scott Macklin
      October 27, 2000

      Read: Abstract
      Download: PowerPoint presentation

  37. Electronic Learning Environments: Assessing Educational Outcomes

  38. A Catalyst for Collaboration: Supporting Technology in Teaching through Partnerships

  39. A Catalyst for Collaboration: Using Partnerships to Support Technology in Teaching

  40. Analyzing the Needs and Characteristics of Learners on the World Wide Web

  41. A Catalyst for Collaboration: Supporting Technology in Teaching through Partnerships

  42. Shouldering a Multimedia Development Model

  43. The Catalyst Project: Supporting Networked Education and Creating Community

  44. Fluency with Information Technology: Collaborating to meet the challenge

  45. Using the Web as an Organizational Lever

  46. One Size Doesn't Fit All: Designing Scalable, Client-centered Support for Technology in Teaching

  47. UWired: Rethinking the "distance" in distance learning. Who can benefit, and how far away do you have to be?

  48. Video Traces Presentation to College of Education Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI 505)

  49. Video Traces Center for Innovative Learning Technologies presentation

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