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PETTT Projects

In all of our projects, PETTT researchers aim to be mindful of our goals and the goals of our project partners. Our goals for any project include:

  • Explore the interplay of technology and pedagogy in real settings.
  • Facilitate thoughtful and innovative educational technology uses.
  • Make strong connections between research, design, and practice.
Listed below are some of our projects (in alphabetical order).

Arthritis Source

A web-based information system for anyone with questions about arthritis.

Digital Tools for Study Abroad

Integrating technology into the study abroad curriculum.

Faculty Survey on Instructional Technology

Gathering information about teaching with technology.

Listening to the Learner

Engaging undergraduate students to investigate instructional technologies at UW.

Catalyst Portfolio Tool

Aiding student reflection through the creation of portfolios.

Tutored Video Instruction

Combining classroom assessment tools with distance learning techniques.

Video Traces

Rich media annotations for teaching and learning.

Catalyst VirtualCase Tool

Integrated Web applications that facilitate online problem-based learning.


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Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology
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PETTT is a University Initiative Fund (UIF) program