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For Clinicians:

•  Health Online: UWMC Patient Education Materials

•  Required and Recommended Patient Education and Information Materials

•  Teach-Back

•  Cultural Diversity: Culture Clues™

•  Language Cards

•  Health Literacy Booklet

•  Guidelines for Writing Effective Patient Education Materials

•  Patient Education Resource Toolkit

•  PFES Newsletter: PatientEducator

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PFES Contact Information

Mailing Address:

1959 NE Pacific St.

Box 359420

Seattle, WA 98195





About Patient and Family Education Services

As a department of University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) in Seattle, Washington, Patient and Family Education Services (PFES) supports the development, evaluation, and accessibility of patient and family education materials and programs.

The information and services we provide equip and empower patients and their families to actively participate on their health care team and make informed decisions about their health and health care. We collaborate with patients, families, and staff in an environment of mutual respect and shared goals to optimize the health care experience.

Our primary goal is to help staff create high-quality patient education materials that help patients understand and make their best choices about health.

Among the PFES programs that accomplish this goal are:

•    Health Online

      Health Online is UWMC’s online database of patient education materials used at UWMC, including ready-to-print documents in both English and non-English languages. Health Online is a public website.

•    Translations

      PFES coordinates the translation of UWMC-authored patient education materials into the languages most commonly used in the medical center: Amharic, Arabic, Cambodian, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tigrigna, and Vietnamese. These translations are made available to on Health Online.

•    Patient Education Materials Reviews by Patient and Family Advisors

      Patient and family advisors are volunteers who are dedicated to helping UWMC improve patient care and outcomes. After being trained in how to review health education materials, these advisors review documents written for patients and families and provide feedback on ways to make those documents easier to read and use.

•    Cross-cultural Information

      Cross-cultural clinician information is available through Culture Clues™ and Language Cards, which feature tips to increase awareness about concepts and preferences of patients of diverse cultures.

•    PatientEducator Newsletter

      A quarterly newsletter, PatientEducator, is published to keep clinicians up to date on the latest patient education materials written by UWMC staff, The Joint Commission and other policy information related to patient education, and ways to enhance patient and family teaching.

•    Health Literacy and Teach-Back Education for Clinicians

      PFES staff provide education for UWMC clinicians about patient health literacy and teach-back techniques.