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Geographic Information Systems for Group Decision Making

Piotr Jankowski
Univeristy of Idaho
Timothy Nyerges
University of Washington

The findings of this volume show how research into the use of group-based GIS results in new knowledge of participatory problem-solving and decision making. It provides keys to a collaborative spatial decision making approach using theory, methodology and substance. Examples of spatial decision problems include allocation of funds for primary health care, site selection for transportation improvement, and arrangement of sites for estuarine habitat (re)development.

This book has two clear aims:

  • to broaden and deepen the conceptual underpinnings about participatory GIS by considering social-behavioural aspects of geographic information use and
  • to present the reader with methods, techniques and examples of a collaborative approach to spatial decision problem solving

It may be treated as a methodological aid for researchers and students interested in collaborative spatial decision making and as a guide for practitioners intorducing a collaborative approach to solving realistic spatial decision problems.

Piotr Jankowski is in the Department of Geography at the University of Idaho where he teaches and researches in GIS development, quantitative methods, spatial problem solving, and group decision making.

Timothy Nyerges is in the Department of Geography at the University of Washington where he teaches and researches in GIS design and social-behavioural studies of collaborative, geospatial decision problem solving.

GIS for Group Decision Making (pdf)