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PGIST Integration

Goals of PGIST integration in CyberGIS

Phase 1 - Loosely-coupled Web Apps

PGIST, a collection of participatory deliberation tools based on Delphi and Technology of Participation, can be applied to any topic. In CyberGIS, the initial scope for integration has been gather feedback from system developers and users about the CyberGIS Gateway and integrated software elements. However, PGIST is also intended to be used to support collaborative domain science research and problem-solving.

The initial implementation was a loosely-coupled solution, in which a customized PGIST web application could be invoked and initialized through the CyberGIS Gateway.

Phase 2 - Structured Participation Toolkit 

The SPT was born out of the challenges to provide a seamless user experience and support high performance collaboration. Currently, PGIST functionality is being ported to the SPT as pluggable widgets, which can be integrated into any existing online environment with a graphical user interface.