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Software Requirements: Participatory Process


 CyberGIS engages multidisciplinary communities through a participatory approach to evolving CyberGIS software requirements. We adopt the Open Process Framework ( that articulates multiple perspectives about engineering requirements as a way of organizing the requirements for CyberGIS software integration: 

  • Business requirements – the character of geospatial problem solving.
  • System requirements – capabilities to address geospatial problem solving.
  • Component requirements – software design for implementing capabilities.
  • Application requirements – packaging the components into solutions to address scientific problem solving requirements.

Both face-to-face and online approaches are part of the participatory community endeavor. Social media (e.g. eLearningLearning (eLearningLearning 2011)), participation platform (e.g. HUBZero:, and participatory GIS technology for structured participation will be combined and configured to support CyberGIS community-based artifact sharing in support of requirements engineering. Having evaluated the vast array of Unified Modeling Language (UML) artifacts as well as several others, Nyerges and Wu (Nyerges et al. 2006, Wu 2007), identified at least six types of artifacts needed to develop participatory GIS: use case narratives (business and application requirements), class diagrams (system and components requirements), activity function diagrams (systems requirements), architecture diagrams (systems and components requirements), mock-ups (application requirements), and prototypes (components and application requirements) which align with the four engineering requirements categories. Those six artifacts are what people need to develop a shared understanding of the content, structure, process, and context of system development and implementation models. The CyberGIS community effort will evolve through end-to-end artifact development starting with at least those six types of artifacts.

Participatory Process

The following steps describe the participatory process as it evolves and provide the CyberGIS community access to the artifacts that have been completed.

1. Collect and Synthesize Requirements through Web Survey

1.1 Collect Requirements - Web Survey

January 11-30, 2011

Researchers from the field of Emergency Management and CyberGIS project members and international collaborators completed an online requirements survey.

Survey Results [.xls]

1.2 Synthesize Web Survey Responses

February 1-14, 2011

The survey results were synthesized and presented in a live workshop in Washington, DC. Participants shared lightning talks to give voice to their unique perspectives.

Workshop Agenda [.doc], Synthesis Presentation [.ppt], Workshop Summary [.docx]

2. Collect and Synthesize Requirements through Use Cases

2.1 Collect Requirements - Use Cases

February 15-March 31, 2011

Workshop participants are invited to concretize their requirements through use cases by completing this survey. Your use case may fall into either of two categories (see the diagram on the right):

  1. Business Use Case, meant to answer the question of "what do you want to do?": The focus is the human element, how users interact with each other and the system to perform work.
  2. System Use Case, meant to answer the question of "how will it get done?": The focus is the system and interactions within the system itself while performing some work.

A selection of use cases by participants are listed below, categorized by the type of use case.

Emergency Management Business Use Cases

  1. Collaborative Brainstorming for Online Problem Solving, by Mary J. Roderick
  2. Setting Wildfire Evacuation Trigger Points, by Tom Cova and Phil Dennison
  3. Optimizing Sensor Location Network, by Piotr Jankowski

System Use Cases

  1. CyberInfrastructure-enabled Agent-Based Modeling (ABM), by Yan Liu
  2. User-provided Feedback on CyberGIS Gateway using Brainstorm Concerns Tool (BCT), by Michalis Avraam

The survey and results are available here

2.2 Synthesize Use Cases

April 1-May 15, 2011

The use cases will be structured to describe the application requirements. 

A draft document is ready, and is currently being evolved into an application/integration requirements synthesis.

Draft Use Case Synthesis [.docx]

3. Integrate Requirements

3.1 Integration of Application Requirements

May 16-June 30, 2011

3.2 Request for Comment

July 1 - July 15, 2011

3.3 Final Revisions

July 16 - July 13, 2011

3.4 Final Integration Requirements Paper

August 1, 2011

The results of the requirements survey and use cases will be combined to describe the application requirements.

UCSynthesis_v20111013.docx83.7 KB


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Typically the our bones has been within for decades. "They was basically furthermore there assuming that everybody might possibly do not forget, inches explained Burgstrum, who is responsible for undoubtedly one of limited number of outstanding participants within the Authorities Bluffs pg . in the Strange Guys. Burgstrum mentioned ldg data files highly recommend your bones was basically donated by the health care professional whom introduced in your 1880s.
Queen: It looks like that is definitely genuine. Eventually should you go through the DNA of your business and a little something I am really on the subject of at the same time a great deal connected with just what exactly I do believe really is amazing on the subject of outfits generally might be timeless, aged classes menswear. The actual vintage light tee shirt, typically the trench layer, the good set of jeans.

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Start with obtaining on your own five excellent company tee shirts you'll be able to straightener very well as well as go on towards finding out how to connect jewelry. Being a CS college you can certainly locate getting the go about the styles a good deal less complicated as compared to ordinary people would. The item needed my family a detailed time to exercise this windsor knot..
The particular college accommodation is loony! There seemed to be many place services, plenty of barbeque, many using tobacco, plenty of having. That it was with Southern area by means of The west. It had been some sort of outrageous ecosystem seriously have no idea of the way they decided not to quit people over! There were an important microphone on the particular snow container, you understand, you really put in place look and even transformed a motel in to a logging facilities..

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ABG: thus whenever all the things you may have laughed and said will be perfect, you happen to be pumping Tesla for the current market that has a four door. That is, it is type a lrage benefit. CB: It's actually a especially massive come to terms, There's no doubt that. One of the best complications looking sellers might be the issue of difference one of many leading malls. Head into every not one but two line centers in the united states along with the dullness from product in the shelving is usually noticeable: space when space of this exact pants, toasters not to mention herbal tea rest room towels. Nonetheless a unique product specially a particular that has a movie star label within the name will help distinct sellers using their company level of competition, reported by Stephen Hoch, an important Wharton advertising and marketing tutor..

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You may need a sharpened escape clearly listed below belt range. Untucked garment tshirts, as well as buttoned swimsuit apparel, as well as buttoned blazers, and also untucked knitted garments, as well as fifty percent of zipped hoodie. Cyndrical tube + A few Your butt is without a doubt ideal keep away from Shot + A few Thighs and legs. Your serious quantity preserved the girl's stress and panic away. In chemotherapy, the girl needed their painting resources into the doctor's. "My relatives considered at throughout shock i always may well are hence quiet, nevertheless it really was initially crystal clear that will everybody whom arrived to interior that was basically our tool for switching any frightening instance in to certainly one of restoration together with repair. inch.

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Many labored inside studio room for two main . 5 several years together with taped its 1st entire period lp. 8 weeks previously his or her photo album seemed to be resulting from turn out to be published, (having "Sleep" for the reason that the debut singular), we were looking at shed by just Columbia Details. A ring was basically starting out increase importance regarding Websites like myspace, staying the main unsigned function on the website. ] Your strap grabbed the interest for quite a few producing labels, like Timbaland's Mosley Wedding ring.

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The lenders whom pay for any bangladesh outfit market really should not dejected by obtaining by Bangladesh while that may deliver this currently having difficulties nation in to a down get out of hand. Because the economic climate is basically depending on any dress segment. Alternatively they must be additional frugal during the firms these obtain, looking the two functioning issues for your personnel along with legality in the enterprise and then the properties the place that the personnel give good results..

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Can see this definitely: becoming successful and also acquiring unique obligation usually are greatly coupled. A particular is unable to I just replicate, can't be produced but without the some other. Spending some time blaming other folks or maybe the truth, whether or not you will be proper, may be a misuse of the time, even more notable, the spend of one's..

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It had been claimed the fact that a set of golf ball trainers, which in turn purchased for immediately 1000 Yuan could make the general public give far more sixty to at least one one hundred Yuan, given that it'll climb your five proportion that will 10 percent. It was subsequently claimed as a result of Nike around Chinese suppliers this observe is not delivered to them all. Nike is really a massive model of sporting pieces, nonetheless, it's not simple for them to back up from now on together with the price of struggle causes, recycleables along with the transportation's maximize.