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Rotation Talks 1st Year Graduate Students
D-209, 2:15PM, January 4, 2018
Seminar Cecilia Moens, Ph.D.
Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
What Happens in Vagus: A Temporal Mechanism of Topographic Mapping by Vagus Motor Neurons
D-209, 2:30PM, January 9, 2018
Host: Dr. Vincenzo Cirulli
Seminar David Raible, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Washington
Zebrafish models of hearing loss: lessons from the lateral line
D-209, 2:30PM, January 23, 2018
Host: Dr. John Scott
Seminar Mark von Zastrow, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, University of California, San Francisco
New insights to the cell biology of GPCR function
D-209, 2:30PM, January 30, 2018
Host: Dr. Shao-En Ong
Seminar Gary Miller, Ph.D.
Professor, Emory University
D-209, 2:30PM, February 6, 2018
Host: Dr. Sandra Bajjalieh
Seminar Nina Ishoherranen, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, University of Washington
D-209, 2:30PM, February 13, 2018
Host: Dr. Edith Wang
Seminar Cole Hayes, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Massachusetts
A mitochondrial stress response, innate immunity and toxic genomes
D-209, 2:30PM, February 27, 2018
Host: Dr. Yasemin Sancak
Seminar Jay Shendure, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, University of Washington, HHMI Investigator
New Frontiers in Genomics
D-209, 2:30PM, March 6, 2018
Host: Dr. John Scott