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Pharmacology In the News 



Congratulations, Dr. Catterall!
Bill received the Robert Ruffolo Career Achievement Award in Pharmacology from the American Society of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics.

Dr. Paul DeCaen, (UW Pharmacology 2010, Catterall lab), has had an outstanding series of postdoctoral publications including the two back-to-back papers in Nature. Paul has received a K099 Award from NIH, and will begin as Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in September. DeCaen publications>>

Also, from the Catterall lab, Dr. Sung Han, (UW Neuroscience 2011), has had outstanding papers as a postdoc here with Richard Palmiter. Sung has received a Faculty Development Award from the Simons Foundation, and will begin as Assistant Member at The Salk Institute in September. Han publications>>

Congratulations, Paula Bucko and Rachael Stein!
Paula and Rachael were each awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Please congratulate Paula and Rachael on an excellent job!!!

Congratulations Dr. Randall Moon, for being elected to the National Academy of Sciences! Read More>>

Congratulations! Dr. William Catterall, Professor and Chair, and Dr. Todd Scheuer, Research Professor Emeritus, received the 2015 Kenneth S. Cole Award and Dr. Larry Zweifel, Assistant Professor joint with Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, received one of the UW Innovation Awards. Read More>>

Pharmacology Retreat Photos

2014 Pharmacology Retreat

Nate Lucas, (postdoc in the Bajjalieh Lab) presents his work on protein/lipid interactions.

Jennifer Deem, (graduate student in the McKnight Lab) presents her recent studies on AKAP7 and it's role in hippocampal function.

A short bike adventure up Icicle Creek Road after the talks. From left to right: Jim Olson, Stan McKnight, and Todd Scheuer.