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Chris Hague, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor

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Box 357280
HSC D431

Office: 206.221.4612
Lab: 206.543.8485
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The research interests of the laboratory focus on the study of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). GPCRs comprise ~1% of the entire genome and represent the target for >40% of all commerically available pharmaceutical drugs.

Our currents interests include the study of the adrenergic, sensory and orphan receptors. Using mass spectrometry and biochemical techniques, we are identifying novel protein binding partners for GPCRs. By combining expertise in pharmacology, cell biology and physiology, we determine the role of each binding partner in regulating GPCR function, trafficking, and drug binding. Our ultimate goal is to carefully characterize the mechanisms that regulate GPCR signaling complexes, in order to provide new information that may be used in the development of efficacious medicines to treat disease.

Recent Publications 

Endogenous N-terminal Domain Cleavage Modulates α1D-Adrenergic Receptor Pharmacodynamics. - ABSTRACT

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