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Postdoctoral Fellows

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Antony Abraham, Ph.D.
Chavkin Lab
Examining the role of dynorphin in reward behaviors and neural activity modulated by dynorphin release, as well as downstream signaling cascades involved in dynorphin action.

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Jonathan Bean, Ph.D.
McKnight Lab

Jessica Cao, Ph.D.
Stella Lab

Shiyun Cao, Ph.D.
Zheng Lab

Rebecca Cooper, Ph.D.
Catterall Lab

Amy Ferreccio, Ph.D.
Yadav Lab

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Martin Golkowski, Ph.D.
Ong Lab
Chemoproteomics approaches to study signaling pathways in cellular systems.

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Peter Hsu, Ph.D.
Zheng Lab
Protein structure and function study using X-ray crystallography.

Daohua Jiang, Ph.D.
Catterall Lab
The regulation of calcium channels by signaling complexes formed with their C-terminal domains.

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Barbara Juarez, Ph.D.
Zweifel Lab

Timothy Mackie
Gardner Lab

Mitch Omar, Ph.D
Scott Lab